Middle School Placement Tests and end of the year reading/math assessments

There will be 4 middle school placement tests coming up in May. We also have our end of the year reaidng and math assessments. These scores will go on the report card.  Let me know if you have questions. Please see the dates below:

May 5th- SMI/SRI (scholastic math inventory or scholastic reading inventory)

May 8th-Naglieri

May 9th-Stanford Achievement Math

May 10th-Standford Achievement Reading

May 11th- SMI/SRI (scholastic math inventory or scholastic reading inventory)

May 12th-Otis Lenon

SBAC testing

SBAC testing will take place the week of April 24th. Math will be taken on 4/25 while literacy will be taken on 4/27th and 4/28th. Please let me know if your child will not be in school and we will schedule a makeup day.

Also, please discuss with your children what we did to celebrate Earth day.

Week In Review By Kevin

Hi, my name is Kevin. I’ll tell you what we did this week. We did a “Week In Rap”, that is like a rap about what happen in this week like that Chance the Rapper donated one million dollars to Chicago public school. We also are making a Kahoot about the “Week In Rap”. A Kahoot is like a fun quiz that you use computers and Ipads to play. Sometimes if you win you can get a candy. We did a OREO on print books vs. e-books. OREO is a form of persuasive writing. The O in OREO is opinion. For opinion you say what you think of the thing you are writing about. The R in OREO in reasons. For reasons you give reasons about why you think your O. The E in OREO is examples. For examples you give example about your reasons. And finally the other O is opinion. You say opinion again for the end. I tell you what in Wonder. DON’T  READ IF YOU AREN’T AT PAGE 148!! So far Jack (August’s ex-friend) is wondering why August isn’t his friend. August isn’t Jack’s friend because in school they had there masks on for hollowen and August heared Jack say very mean things about August and August was sad. But Jack is confused about why August is mad at Jack. Now I tell you about what we are doing in Math. We are reviewing for a math test. It is about fraction. That is all for this week.

Week In Review by Riley

Hi! My name is Riley and I will be giving you a little update on what we have been doing in literacy this week. Things have been pretty hectic this week because of Invention Convention and snow days, so bare with me. There was no literacy class on Monday, due to the Invention Convention. Invention Convention was crazy! There were not as many judges as planned, due to the rescheduled date, but there were still a ton of judges! A lot of classes, teachers, and parents visited. There was no school on Tuesday due to the snowstorm.  On Wednesday, the class was introduced to EdCite, a website that has texts and questions that are very similar to SBAC. Ms. Gray had us do a text as a class, then on Thursday had us do one on our own. On Thursday in stations, Ms. Gray made us a video on Screencast, where she had us do a text and talked us through it. On Friday, we continued stations, and also did a little packet on limericks for St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you enjoyed my “Week In Review”!