In my opinion I believe that the DAPL should not be made. The first reason is if the pipe leaks Native Americans will not have a water source. For example if the oil leaks and gets in the water it could spread. Another reason is this pipe will carry half a million barrels across 4 states. For example if the pipe leaks all 4 states have to clean it up. My final reason the DAPL should not be made is the pipe will go in to Native American tribes. For example the Native American tribes will have to live some place else. That’s why I think the DAPL should not be made. Although one reason that is good is you get a job. For example this will take a lot of men to make this.


I agree with you and good job.       Good job adding a good reason also with explaining why it should not be built-Yessenia i agree with you but you explain more ,from stephanie.