in  my opinion I think that the DAPL should be built. one reason is that the natives are acting like the oil line is going to leak but it may not. for example you put a water bottle on the edge of a table it may not fall of but then people act like its going to fall. another reason is that it will give more jobs to people, and make oil transport easier and safer. one example is that sometimes when people are transporting oil it explodes injuring or killing the person driving it. sometimes swerving on the road can cause the oil to ignite and explode. But with the DAPL there is almost no chance of and explosion because the pipe is in the ground, which makes the oil still. so if you are in a car and hit a bump the oil can explode but now the oil is in a pipe so the are no bumps. another reason is that it makes oil transport easier so instead of having people drive across the country they can just have one pipe and people wont have to drive across the country. for example when you get oil in your home that truck had to drive across the country to get the oil to your house. but with the DAPL instead of driving across the country they can just get the oil from the pipe. this is why I think that the DAPL should be built.


Nice job! I think that you should add capital letters in the beggining of the sentence.           from Mileidi                                                                                Dear Andrew yo did amazing and i totally agree with you from,Derick

Dear Andrew I see that you think the DAPL should be built but next time Put capital letters i  the beginning of your sentences. Sincerely Gian