In my opinion you should not built the Dakota access pipeline. One reason is because if the pipelines leak, Native Americans wont have any water sours. For example, in the text it says “Sioux, a native American tribe, is determined to stop 1,172 -mile pipeline from being built”. The Native Americans will be extinct Another reason is that if the pipelines get on fire the oil and the fire would explode that would be a major mess to clean up. For example in the video that we saw was a pipeline that exploded it could be bad if you smell it. My finally reason is it could take parents away from children and wont get to spend time as a family. For example in the text that says pipelines should be built it says “that it is creating 28,000 jobs!!! If people have to travel for work, they will be away from there family. It is stupid if you build the pipeline because it is only for a year and if the parents have to stay for the season it would be bad because it is a traditional way to be with your family. For example it is going to hold back the parnets from being the best parnets.  My opinion is that the Dakota access pipeline should not be built for many reasons. Although people claim that it will earn us money, Another way you could earn money by not harming our state is to build a park,mall,target,school etc. That’s how the environment would be a great place without no harm.

Dear Ashley, your story was really great but… make sure you spell the correct words and put more details in the story:)-Nevaeh

Dear Ashley, I belive you did very good but you should put captial letters. fr

Dear, Ashley did you you inculd how much the pipes cost? from roman

Hey Ash, good job, but I think you probubly should have putt rebuttal-Isabella

Hi Ashley! Good Job! I agree with Isabella that you should have put a rebuttal. Also, check over it for typos! Love, Riley;)

Hi I think that you did a good job but next time use rebuttle