Carlos G.

In my opinion I think that the DAPL should not be built. The first reason for why it is bad because it could cause a explosion. For example it says the pipeline could destroy sacred areas and burial sites.  My second reason is that it could destroy trees, animals, and water supplies. For example if the water was destroy they would have no food to eat because the animals would drink the water and get poison and die the people would get it and eat it and die and if they don’t eat the animal they will drink the water and die.  My third reason is that it could cause a wild fire if fire gets in the pipe  and burn trees, homes to much smoke and could cause a lot of earthquakes because when they get oil it can cause an earthquake like Oklahoma they got so much earthquake because people got the oil it caused lots of earthquake and destroy so much houses but f they destroy the new buildings for the jobs it will be waste of money. This is why i wrote this. I think it is not a good idea to make the DAPL.

i agre with you i wish you could add more details and reasons- From ashley

I have to agree with Ashley that you should add more details to your reasons.You also need to capatalize your I’s and check over it for typos. But otherwise nice job!-Riley:-)

Dear Carlos,I think you can add a little more supporting details and reasons- From Jordan

good job carlos, I think you shr add more supporting details,romen