In my opinion i believe DAPL should not be built.The first reason is i fel DAPL should not be built for example is what if the oil pipe breaks and leek to their only water supplie and they cant drink from their only water supplie because it oil.Another reason is what if they cant find Another home for they can live in for example their will be alot of homeless people.My last reason is the money they were putting in for the pipelines could go to other things like homeless people,supplies for schools, and alot more stuff. This is why I think the DAPL should not be built.

Hi Derrick,

Nice job! Next time check your spelling and add more punctuation.

From Maria!!!!!!!! # 🙂 *o*

Hi Derick,                                                                                                                                                                  Nice job! I agree with you next time you should check your capatalizations.

From Mileidi

Hi Derick you should make your reasons and examples longer apart from that you folowed the OREO format perfect!-Andrew!