In my opinion, I think that the Dakota Access Pipe Line is a bad idea. I have many reasons, my first reason is, even though it will give people a job to those who don’t have one and need one. Then Donald Trump can just have people do some thing other than that. For example, there are many available jobs in thin country. But even if I really needed a job, I wouldn’t want one that runes peoples lives. My second reason is, most of the places  that might be destroyed are some of the only beautiful places that we have left. The  world is being destroyed enough, we don’t need the only places in our country that are actually pretty to be destroyed. Because then we would have nothing left. Another reason I have is, many animals would die if we do this and some of the animals that would die, might be food for the tribe or even pets. To add on to this debate, many of earth quakes have occurred in Oklahoma. But the state of Oklahoma is not near the plates that cause earth quakes. So how are there so  many earth quakes there? Because the oil pipes that they use are causing earth quakes. So I think that if we decide to go on with this project we may create more earth quakes.

.Good job having so many reasons. Kevin

Dear Isabella, I think you did very good giveing lots of examples. from Krystel.

I think you did a great job whith the reason and example-carlos

Dear Isabella, I think you did a great job on using OREO format — Tyhira.