I think making the Dakota Access Pipeline should not be built. One reason is because the the Native Americans in the Great Plains will lose their homes and they should have the right to go against it. For example, people who are building the pipeline are trying to make them leave their homes in a violent way. If it is built if the pipe has an oil leak the Native Americans won’t have any water to drink safely. My second reason is it can cause wild fires. For example, the oil leaks are going to be serious to have a wild fire so firefighters would have to risk their lives for oil spills that will probably happen very often when there is a better way to ship the oil and that is by truck yes it will probably take longer but its the safest way for mainly everyone AKA the Native Americans and the firefighters most importantly. My third and last reason is pollution. The problem is that there are always going to be oil spills. Massive oil spills are going to create more damage to our world. Although people claim that it is a better way to get the oil from one place to another faster than truck, I disagree. It would not destroy anything if we do it by truck or on the road. This is why I strongly disagree, the pipeline should not be built because everyone gets a chance to say their own opinions and what they think and some say no but they can’t stop them from building it with signs.

Dear Jordan,

You have an AMAZING wrting and your opioions are very ture and you reason whty is very very long!! And I liked that you added more at the end so you can tell Trump not to make the DAPL!

From, Diego.

Dear Jordan, I agree with you Just check to make sure it makes sense

Dear, Jordon nice writing its better than me Tell TRump to not build it

Dear,Jordan good job about dapl tell me why trump should build it.

Dear Jordan,You Did an AMAZING job on the passage i was reading it and i was like wow! just one thing make sure you have commos:)-Nevaeh

I think I should have done a better job with a rebuttle.- Jordan I like how you explane youer deatil with what you write. KevinR.                                                                                                                   from david hi this is very good but need more details

 Hi Jordan! I think you did an AMAZING job! You did everything perfect! I love your reasons and examples! Love, Riley:)