I think the Dakota Access Pipeline should not be built. My first reason is that oil leaks might happen. An example is, even though people might say that “The pipeline will have built-in safety measures to protect against oil leaves.” Even if a little bit of oil leaks, it can still harm the earth. My second reason is it’s over Native Americans sacred land. An example is, the DAPL will be over sacred land. People who have died during ceremonies are buried there, and building a oil pipeline above is just disrespectful. The jobs that will be given if we build the pipeline will not be full time probably will stop in a year or less. A last example is in the text it says “The news organization has cast doubt that so many jobs would be created.” This statement proves my point. In my opinion, I think the DAPL should not be built as it hurts and goes over sacred lands that are Native Americans.

Keyli, I like your reasons! We could’ve used you on the negative side of the debate! Nice job!:):)-Love, Riley

I agree with Riley but I think you did great -Nora;)

i agree with riley  nora good job- ashley

You did such a goog job keyli im really amazed, we rocked the good side even though we didnt want to be on that side-Nevaeh(づ◔ ͜ʖ◔)づ  

very good yes because you add alot details but we should build it