My opinion is that they should not build the Dakota access pipeline. My first reason is that if they do build the DAPL the tribes water may get contaminated. For example if the pipeline leaks the tribes will not be able to drink water. Even if it leaks a little there water will still be contaminated. My second reason is that it can destroy land. For example if they insert the pipeline it will destroy land from long ago that is very precious. My last reason is is that people say they will get jobs thanks to the DAPL but I think they are wrong. For example they will only have the job for less then a year. And there are other ways to get jobs and not harm the earth like building schools or parks etc.

Dear Krystel I definetly agree with You I think it would be better if you add more details.

From, Jordan 🙂

Hello Krystel, I had the same reasons, GOOD JOB! -Isabella


Krystel, I think u did a great job but you could have added a rebuttle to make this better -NORA

Krystel,You are right that it can destroy the land b ut for your example add a little bit more details and then everyone will be wowed👍-Nevaeh