In my opinion, I believe that the DAPL should not be built.     

        The first reason I believe the DAPL should not be built is that if the the pipeline leaks, it will ruin the water source of about 1 million people. For example,if the water source of about 1 million is destroyed it will affect their health and probably their pets, if they have any. It will affect the people’s health because they will be dehydrated. Many people die from dehydration every year, and if the pipeline leaks I’m pretty sure the number of people that die every year from dehydration  is going to go up by a lot. If the pipeline leaks it will affect people’s pets because they will also be dehydrated.

          Another reason that supports my opinion is that many people will get kicked out of their homes. For example, if Trump builds the pipe he will have to dig up many acres of land which Native Americans have built their homes on. You’re probably thinking “What!? Native Americans died a long time ago!” But some people today live like Native Americans, and most are descendants of the Native Americans back then. The Native Americans today live in a place called a ‘Native Americans reservation’ which is land that the Native Americans back then lived in. Would you like it if someone kicked you out of your house?

        One last reason I believe the DAPL  should not be built is that it would take up a lot of money that president Trump could use for better causes. For example, Donald Trump could use that couple of million dollars to support scientists  invent a cure for cancer, or something important like that.

      Does reading this change you perspective on the DAPL? That is why I think the DAPL should not be built.