Opinion: In my opinion we should not make the Dakota Access Pipe Line.Reason #1:What if the pipeline leaks, there will be huge fires and the president will be sued.Example #1:For example,the pipeline will be  going threw North Dakota threw South Dakota and Iowa.By the way Iowa is a big city.What if a bomb goes off and the pipeline is under it and it blows up a lot of people will either be injured or die which is not good.Reason#2 : Another reason is,to make this pipeline you will need a lot of oil and where would you get that from?example#2: For example, in the text it says if the Dakota access pipeline is completed, it will carry nearly half a million barrels of oil across four state every day.Reason #3 A final reason is, THERE WASTING SO MUCH MONEY!!!Example#3 For example, In the white house Donald Trump has so much money but he wants to waste it all on a stupid pipeline right now he is wasting 8.3 billion dollars.Opinion, this is why i think we should not have the pipe line its just not a good idea.


I like how you added a lot of examples- Nora;)

I like all your reasons and examples! Next time though, add a statement that will make your examples more secure.-Keyli

Dear Nevaeh, I like how you added lots of deatils and how you put opinion: and gave your opinion same with the reason and examples. from Krystel 

dear nevaeh how folled the oreo format you should of added a rubutteld