In my opinion Dakota Access Pipeline is a great idea.                                                                                    The first reason that it is a good idea is a good idea is it would bring lots of jobs to America. For example it would bring “28,000 to the U.S.”.                                                                            The second reason why it is a good idea is it will allow the town to earn money. For example  in the text it says “if the construction workers have to stay there they would to get a hotel,food and entertainment”.                                                                                                                     My final reason why it is a good idea is it would be made from U.S. steal. For example in the text it says that president Trump said “It is going to put a lot of workers, a lot of steal  workers back to work”.                                                                                                                                      Even though people say that it will leek is built safe and is better then other pipes. Even if it would leek (witch it wont) people would be able to stop the oil in 3 minutes.                       in my opinion this is why I think #DAPL is a good idea.


I think that you did a good job sincerely  carlos.                                                                                                      made by David it very good but wait never mind

Dear Nora , even though I don’t agree you did a pretty good job –   Tyhira.

Nora, I think you did a great job giving your examples and details. Even though I don’t agree, you did a good job!-Keyli

I’m back again! Hi! I still think you did a good job, but you could of added a rebuttle.-Keyli (again) >~<