no_dapl-1I think the Dakota Access Pipeline should not be built. One reason why is that they would not only be destroying sacred artifacts, but they would be destroying people’s homes. For example, if they build DAPL it would destroy the Standing Rock Sioux, and all of the artifacts from over 100 years ago. The second reason is, it could destroy the tribes water source. The Missouri River is not only the tribe’s only water source, but it is the only water source for animals in the area. If the pipeline leaks, it would get into the water, contaminating it and making it toxic. If the animals drink the water or go without water for too long they could die, killing the tribes food source. The final reason is, it will cost the country too much money. The DAPL will cost the country approximately $3.8 billion dollars that could be going towards schooling or to the poor.The DAPL will also make the country a lot of money, but instead of using that for schooling, President Trump plans on using the DAPL to fund the wall in between Mexico and the US, which I think is not a good thing. This is why I think the Dakota Access Pipeline should not be built.


Hi, I agree with you that the DAPL should not be built.       Sofia

hi riley i really like yours there were alot of details from VICTORIA:D

yep we should not make a dapl good job by david.          I think its realy good reasons i like it. kevin

hi riley good job i agree with all you said good job (: i like your picuture good job on the oreo format.

Hey twin, I think you did a great job but I still disagree. you  should have added a longer rebuttle to make it better. From your better haf -NORA;)