I think they should stop #DAPL ( Dakota Access Pipeline ). I have many reasons for this #NODAPL

One reason for this is that it could leak.  Even though Energy Transfer Partners said they will be ready, accidents happen. Huge fires could spread and people could be injured or hurt. It could also pollute the water there.

Although it might get the U.S.A lots of money, is it worth losing a major water source for native american tribes? DAPL could kill fish, and a water source for the Standing Rock Sioux. Without that the tribe might move away from the home they had since forever.L

Finally, #DAPL would take away scared burial sites near cannon ball. Construction for DAPL would take away an important place from the tribe? How would you feel if a part of your culture was token away from you for a multi-billionaire to get more money?

All the Dakota Access Pipeline does is take that why, in my opinion #DAPL should stop. #NODAPL.