In my opinion, I believe that the DAPL should not be built.                                                                The first reason I feel the DAPL shouldn’t be built is because if the pipe line breaks the Great Plains water will be damagedFor example, there were about 200 oil leaks in the past 6 years. With no water the great plains will suffer and have serious problems. Another reason I believe the DAPL shouldn’t be built is because if the pipe lines go through the great plains won’t have homes. For example the pipe lines will go through the Great plains houses/tepees and they won’t have anywhere else to go. My last reason is that if the pipe lines explodes the half million oil will spread. For example, they oil will  kill all the animals and endanger  mostly everything and everyone near the Great plains. That’s why I think the DAPL shouldn’t be built also because near Mill River Park there was a group of  people with signs and saying to honk the car if you agree the oil is bad.    

Dear yesenia nice job and i agree with you good job                                                         sincerely,Derick

dear, yesenia i like your writing good job, from stephanie

Dear,yesenia I like writing ,and I tottally argee with you.steven